A Rewards Comparison: Dis-Chem vs. Clicks

Aug 2, 2014 Blog  Personal Finance

Virtually everywhere one looks nowadays, it seems as if there’s another store franchise offering a rewards card and benefits programme, bidding for your loyalty and ultimately your cash. With so many options to choose from, it can be confusing and overwhelming when trying to decide which loyalty programme to take advantage of.

When it comes to purchases of a pharmaceutical nature, in a South African context there are two major players in this arena: Clicks and Dis-Chem; each with its own loyalty programme offering a host of rewards and benefits. Let’s take a closer look at each of these stores and their respective loyalty/rewards programmes and the various benefits on offer:

Membership and Magazine:

Both the Clicks ClubCard and Dis-Chem Benefits Programmes are free to join and with Dis-Chem and the Clicks Gold ClubCard, members receive a free Dis-Chem and ClubCard magazine respectively.


Though both outlets offer loyalty programmes, allowing customers to accumulate points for rewards and discounts, each operates on a different system.


At Dischem, you earn points with every purchase, provided the purchase is at least R10. The minimum purchase earns you 15 points. You can use your accumulated points to receive discounts at the till, as long as you have a minimum point balance of 675. For every 100 points, you receive R1 off your purchase at the till. To redeem your points you need to approach the customer service desk before checkout. Don’t forget to bring your ID, as you won’t be able to do so without it. 100 points is equal to R1 off your purchase. So to get a R100 discount you need 10 000 points accrued on your Dis-Chem card.

As you need to go to the customer service desk before reaching the till, you should check your points balance regularly. Your Dis-Chem card gets you points on just about everything you buy; except for prescription medication. Although you do receive points on the dispensing fee.


Every time you swipe your Clicks ClubCard on a purchase over R10, you receive ClubCard points. Your points earn you Cash-back rewards that are sent to you in the mail at a later date. The rewards are essentially discounts and coupons to be used at a Clicks or Clicks Pharmacy. If you’re the kind of person who barely uses the postal service anymore, if you even have a post box, then the Clicks programme is probably not ideal.

As long as you have earned a minimum of 100 points on your Clicks ClubCard, you will receive Cash-back rewards in the mail at the end of each qualifying period. The amount of Cash-back you receive is dependant on how many points you accumulate in each qualifying period. It’s not clear exactly how the points are worked out though.

Additional benefits of the Clicks ClubCard include 3-for-the-price-of-2 promotions, and bonus and double points on selected days. Moreover, if you have a Clicks or Discovery credit card, you qualify for 2 to 3 times the regular Cash-back rewards.

With Clicks you receive Cash-back rewards every qualifying period as opposed to Dis-Chem’s points that are redeemable in-store. The Clicks’ qualifying periods work out to roughly 13 weeks, or a quarter of a year.

Additional Benefits:

The Dis-Chem benefit programme is targeted to certain groups of people and offers different cards, each tailored to suit the individual shopper. These include The Beautiful Woman, Plus 60 and Moms and Tots cards. All benefits mentioned above apply to all cards.

Over and above those benefits, each demographically targeted programme is uniquely suited to cater to the needs of a specific group and provides members with benefits customised to fit their unique situations (e.g. The Beautiful Woman Card members receive double points on cosmetics and fragrances on the first Monday and last Tuesday of the month). Furthermore, every time you swipe your Dis-Chem card, a portion of what you spend is donated to the Dis-Chem Foundation; which has greatly assisted many worthy causes nationwide.

The Clicks ClubCard system provides additional benefits in the form of earning points when making purchases at one of the following outlets: Musica, SpecSavers, Sorbet, Avis Car Rentals and the City Lodge family of hotels. Furthermore, you receive discounted movie tickets when swiping your ClubCard at a NuMetro Cinema.

So what does that mean for you exactly?

Both loyalty cards can add real value to both your shopping experience and your budget. There are great advantages to both of these programmes though one might be a better fit for you, depending on the type of shopper you are.

If you’re an extremely organised person, tend to buy a substantial amount of medication and regularly check your post then the Clicks ClubCard option would suit you well.

If you’re less pedantic than that, want rewards catered to your specific needs and are part of the instant gratification generation then the Dis-Chem card might be a better option.

For further info regarding these loyalty programmes check out the Dis-Chem and Clicks websites.

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