Ventureburn Article Discusses Partnership between Absa, Rise Africa and RainFin

Feb 25, 2016 RainFin In the news  Absa , FinTech , Innovation , SME

As the press reports on the partnership between Absa and RainFin (announced on the 17th February 2016) VentureBurn reference RainFin’s unique offering as a fintech solution which is governed by the FSB, NCR, and is a loan provider.

Sean Emery, CEO of RainFin, says of the success of RainFin in its two years’ of operations:

“This has created a new financial ecosystem, something which only 18 months ago was considered highly improbable […] Our hope is that this relationship with Absa is a significant one in the scaling that we require to make the business grow even stronger,”

The specific relationship between SME borrowing and RainFin is made apparent, as the CEO further explains that providing loans that businesses can afford to repay their loans is a no-brainer:

“We have to do it with the mind of an SME. We have to do it responsibly. We have to do it with the mind of an SME and I think it’s very important that an SME can afford to pay back what gets lent otherwise we have a systemic problem for all of us”

Read the article here Absa Bets on Partnership with RainFin’s Loan Marketplace

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