Africa’s Growing Population

Oct 13, 2016 Blog  Africa , Entrepreneurs



The whole planet has seen an increase in population. Some parts more than others, with the exception of Japan, Germany and Spain whose population is in fact decreasing. Africa, however, is creating a whole new pattern of its own.

In 1980 Africa was home to merely 477 million people, however this year it was reported that Africa is home to 102 billion people, which is 30 million more than last year. It is estimated that by the time 2050 comes along, the population will increase by 42 million people per year. This will bring the population up to an astronomical figure of 2.4 billion, literally doubling what it is now.

What is contributing to the growing population? There have been improvements in the public health system and this has contributed to a decrease in infant and child deaths. Life expectancy has also increased, previously those born in 1955 had a life expectancy of 37 years. At present it has risen to 60 years. Africa also has an increasing fertility rate compared to the rest of the world, 88% higher to be more specific. The average African woman is also expected to have at least 2 more children than the world standard. The majority of the African population is under the age of 25.

Special attention is required for this population boom in Africa. Rapid growth contributes strain to education systems, roads, water and electricity supply. Unemployment and poverty are by-products of this. Entrepreneurs are to take note of the needs of the African people.


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