As an Investor Are You Happy With The Balance Of Your Portfolio?

Jun 28, 2016 Blog  Lender , RainFin


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When starting out as an investor, it is important to understand the difference between the benefits of long-term and short-term investments (trading) and the various implications this could have on your overall return.

Deciding which is right for you starts by understanding the difference. A short-term investment (trade) is typically considered to be one that lasts less than a year at a high risk. A long-term investment generally lasts a year or longer, but can be considered a lower risk.

An article on Moneyweb went about concluding the pros and cons and looked into how handling your investment can affect the outcome. Ultimately, although short term investments (trading) can offer you quick wins, long term investments will likely prove to be the better way to go.

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To see the full Moneyweb article, click here.

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