Blockchain technology will open up world markets

Sep 12, 2017 Blog  Cryptocurrency , technological decentralisation



Blockchain technology is going to radically change the way we think of investment and finance in the coming years, says Balaji Srinivasan in an interview with CNBC.  Srinivasan is the founder of, a peer-to-peer startup.  He says that soon everything will be tokenized, which will create a world where value is held and distributed via peer-to-peer networks rather than centralised hubs.

“Anything scarce will be tokenized because the benefits of digitisation and increased liquidity are so great.  That means cash, stocks, bonds, commodities, houses, cars, digital goods of every kind, and perhaps human time as well”, says Srinivasan.

Blockchain technology’s decentralisation creates a model where the world will effectively be turned into a single massive stock market without boundaries of geography – distribution of wealth will be international an not centered in specific areas.

Jacob Drzazga, co-founder of asset tokenization firm Brickblock says that the power of Blockchain technology will eventually open up world markets, similarly to the way the internet did for information exchange.  He says some companies have already started embracing the tokenization market – investing for example, is cheaper, faster, more secure and available every hour.  “This opens up real-world assets, and the world of cryptocurrencies, to people who previously may not have been able to invest due to geographic or financial restrictions”.

Blockchain technology is genuinely making inroads into every viable business model, allowing companies and markets to thrive without centralised corporate control.

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