FinTech: The Evolution

Nov 5, 2015 Blog  Evolution , FinTech , Infographic

From the advent of the cash machine to P2P lending platforms, FinTech has radically changed the way we live our lives and how businesses do business.

Can you remember a time when you didn’t have a mobile phone? Or when the idea of trading money or buying things using your phone seemed dangerous and unusual? Chances are you might. And chances are that nowadays you use your phone as your personal assistant and you’ve bought at least one thing online. So, how did we get to this point?

FinTech first began over 55 years ago, but since the global spread of the World Wide Web and mobile technology it has seen an unprecedented growth. It has evened the playing field for big businesses and SMEs; giving the little guy the same access to resources and funding as the big boys and giving the consumer more power than ever before. That’s why the FinTech sector has over 3000 start-ups – it’s big and it’s only going to get bigger!

Mobile banking now accounts for over $1billion worth of transactions, and P2P lending is projected to have a worth of $40billion by 2016. Take a look below to see how the journey started…
FinTech Evolution

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