Get Rich Without Trying

Sep 26, 2014 Blog  INVESTMENTS

There’s a new way of investing, and it’s about to change the way your money grows.

Like clockwork, you’ve been depositing money in your savings account every month, only to be disappointed at the slow, and rather marginal rate of return. At the advice of your dad or good ol’ Uncle Bob, you’ve invested in the stock market where one day you’re up and the next you’re down. And if you’ve ever loaned money to a friend or family member, you’ll know that demanding interest on that loan is somewhat frowned upon.

The traditional ways of investing have let you down. But by thinking creatively you’ll find fresh, new ways to make your hard earned cash grow. And one of the latest, most revolutionary, ways of investing is called Peer-to Peer lending. Simply put, Peer-to-Peer (P2P) lending is an online platform which connects people who want to borrow money with people who have money to lend. And one such service provider is called RainFin, which provides a safe online platform that not only puts you in contact with a potential lender, but effectively manages the process from beginning to end.

And here’s why you might consider P2P lending over the traditional approach to investment:

Return On Investment

The bottom-line is the bottom-line. It’s no secret that P2P presents a higher risk to the lender than a savings account at a bank would. But at the same time, P2P investment promises a higher level of return than you who get from placing your money in a savings account. In addition, with P2P you can diversify your investment by lending small amounts to multiple borrowers – therefore diversifying your risk.


Although more riskier than the bank, P2P lending is much safer than investing in the stock market. With the stock market, nothing is for certain. The value of your stock is never completely stable and always dependent upon market fluctuations. With P2P lending, the borrowers have a legal commitment to pay you back – with the agreed upon interest rate. And if they default on this payment for any reason, a platform such as RainFin will pursue your funds through a collection agency.


It’s often said that money and friends or family do not mix. And if you’ve ever had an experience that went sour, you’d be able to testify to the fact that lending money to your nearest and dearest often ends in tears. P2P lending is for the most part anonymous. Through RainFin, you’re given just enough information about the potential borrower to decide on whether you want to invest in them or not. And once you’ve made the decision, RainFin manages the process throughout. No family dramas or friendship feuds – guaranteed.

Power Shift

P2P lending puts the power back in your hands my removing the middle man. No longer are you held hostage by absurd bank terms and conditions, or subject to the whims of a turbulent stock market. Your options are far and wide – you choose who or what you want to invest in, and you negotiate the terms that are right for you.

The Personal Touch

As said previously, P2P lending provides you with a much wider choice to investment. And RainFin provides you with a detailed description of those investment opportunities. For example, a bride would like to borrow money to make her dream wedding come true, or an aspiring foodie needs somebody to invest in his gourmet food truck. With P2P lending you have the opportunity to invest in dreams like these. So apart from making a monetary investment, you can make a personal one by helping a borrower transform their dreams into reality – and the return on that is priceless.

Apart from providing a much wider choice for investment than many traditional approaches, peer-to-peer lending puts you at the center of your own investment. You can invest in a business or you can help fund an overseas trip. You’ll be able to invest in a big dream, or many small dreams – the choice is yours. And P2P platforms such as RainFin make all this possible and hassle-free by putting you in touch with the perfect investment opportunity – and managing the process right from the start.

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