How To Build Company Culture

Oct 18, 2016 Blog  Company , Culture



What is company culture and how do you define it? If your company doesn’t have a culture you can’t pursue your destiny. It becomes the principles that you return to when you make decisions, it’s a way to align people to values that matter to the company. A level of trust. The company culture guides you on what to do and more importantly what not to do. There is real power in companies who treat their employees right and who have a good culture, it also enables you to retain the right employees.

The culture of a company starts with the founder. What values are most important to you, to the business and to the people you work with. Think of the kind of people you don’t want to work with, what values they have and consider the complete opposite when deciding on your own core values. When brain storming your core values and your company culture, don’t rush it. It takes time and in depth thought than just stating that you would like honesty or team work. What does team work require? Your company will need to have good communication skills and trust if you would like team work to be a core value.

Often when hiring, companies pay special attention to skill sets, however it isn’t observed how the candidate would fit into the culture of the company. The employees at the company need to exercise the culture on a daily basis in order for it to become a habit and for it to be maintained.

This article is based on the podcast “How to build a culture” by Alfred Lin. You can read the full transcript here.


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