How To Build Products Users Love

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2 how to build products users love


How do we make things, which have a passionate user base? It is best to focus on values that gain the first user. How do relationships in the real world work and how do you apply those basics to your business?

It is important to treat new users as if you are trying to date them and the existing users as a successful marriage. When you are on your first date with somebody, first impressions are the most important. This is the story that you will tell over and over again. How you met, the origin story. This story travels by word of mouth. There is always something special about the origin story. If the person does something on the first date that you don’t approve of, the chances are that you aren’t going to want to go on a second date. However, if your spouse does the same thing after a few years, you aren’t going to get divorced. It’s something that you will shrug off. For first time interactions, the threshold is always so much lower.

When the client sees their first email, log in for the first time or engage with customer support for the first time, they need to feel as though they have been seduced. The same as a first date. The imagery needs to make them smile and give them an emotion on their face when they deal with you. This makes it different and magical, a talking point and shows them the personality of the site. Long term relationships (marriages) bicker about money, time, jealousy and it’s the same when dealing with businesses. “This costs too much, there’s a problem with the credit card, the site is down for too long”. Customer support is the one thing that prevents leads from becoming customers.

Why do people start moving away? (break up). There are four main reasons why this happens in a business. The first one is criticism, starting to focus on over all issues as opposed to a specific issue. The second is content, when you are purposely trying to insult somebody. Third is defensiveness, not taking accountability and making excuses. The fourth reason is stonewalling – shutting down. This is the worst thing to happen in a relationship. This is when startup’s think there is no need to respond to clients but it is ever so important to do so. All of a sudden, 15-20 years later there is a divorce and you aren’t sure why. There isn’t any passion, no energy in the system. It is important to keep the energy up in your business. Say thank you after a client has paid, if you have too many customers to do this then focus on the highest paying customers.

There are only three ways to achieve market dominance: best price, best product and best overall solution. The best overall solution speaks directly to customer intimacy and support. This doesn’t cost any money. Anybody with manners and humility is able to offer this to their customers and will contribute to building a product users love.

Kevin Hale, founder of Wufoo and partner at Y-Combinator explains how to build products that create a passionate user base invested in your startup’s success. You are able to read the transcript of the podcast here.

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