How to Save Energy and Save Money

Apr 22, 2016 Blog  RainFin , SME

2015 was a difficult year for energy in South Africa. If you experienced the power cuts, we’re sure you’ll agree. This ‘load-shedding’ is bad for business and it’s bad for our home lives too. So – what can be done about it?

By optimising your home or workplace for energy efficiency, you can not only reduce the pressure that’s being put on the national grid but you can also protect yourself from power cuts in the future. Not to mention – save money in the process.

It’s the little things…

The rise in prices for Eskom 2015/16 was projected at 12.69% which is not an unremarkable figure. Finding ways to cut back on energy expenditure is becoming essential to preventing excessive yearly outgoings.

If you’re looking for ways that you can make small adjustments before making any big commitments to energy saving tech. try these:

Measure your usage – Knowing how much energy you are using will go some way towards explaining your monthly bills. Tools like carbonTRACK are great for this.

Turn the lights out – Did you know that 10% of your energy bill could be going towards your lighting? It’s a particular problem in offices – especially if businesses don’t turn the lights out overnight. Being conscientious about lighting could make a huge difference to your bills.

Switch to LED – LED lightbulbs are affordable, use less energy and last longer than their traditional counterparts.

Get it serviced – Inefficient or broken technology can use far more energy than it needs to stay running. Fridges are real culprits in this. If your fridge seals aren’t efficient, your fridge is working even harder to keep itself cool. Get it serviced.

Home Improvements

Watching your consumption and making energy conscious decisions can get you some way towards reducing your energy bills. However, ensuring that your building is optimised to waste as little energy as possible is essential for long-term sustainability.

Insulate – By giving your home thermal insulation, you can save as much as 16% on heating and cooling bills.

Work on your windows – If you don’t have double glazing, or you don’t have the right materials sealing your windows, you could be losing about 25% of the heat from your home through them.

In the summer, it’s even worse. You gain 60% more heat through inefficient windows; so getting these seen to can save on cooling costs too.

Invest in solar – Installing solar water heaters, air conditioners or panels in your home can make a massive reduction in your bills. Remember, sunlight is free! So the initial investment is almost certain to pay off in the long run.

Keep Working on It!

Reducing your energy consumption and lowering your bills isn’t going to happen overnight. But don’t get disheartened, energy efficiency is a great habit to learn, and if you invest in making your home or business more energy efficient the benefits will manifest in the long run.

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