“I started the business by accident”.

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Paul Harms harnessed his 25 years’ experience in the carpentry industry and began assisting his neighbour with his fairly new carpentry workshop. Although Paul was involved with antique furniture restoration at the time, he decided to help and guide his neighbour with his new venture on the sideline. Paul was then approached by a friend of his who had decided to retire and was asked to take over the work, staff and equipment.

After two weeks Paul eventually relented and moved everything over to new premises which he managed to secure on the last minute. He decided to invite his neighbour to make use of the new premises for his carpentry business and they soon amalgamated to create one business which is now called Raw Production which employs 34 permanent staff. Raw Production manufactures solid wood and upholsterers’ furniture for the trade only. They also do restoration of antique furniture.

In order to expand his business and to take it to the next step, Paul knew that he needed to obtain a business loan. After hearing a RainFin radio marketing campaign, Paul decided to apply for a business loan through RainFin’s credit marketplace.

The loan was particularly important to Paul because in order to meet demand, Raw Products was in need of a panel saw. He registered online on www.rainfin.com and was a fit to the business loan criteria. Paul explains that the loan assisted his business and he would definitely borrow through a credit marketplace again, continuing to say that it was cost effective for his business to make use of a loan through the RainFin platform.

Not only is Paul a borrower, but he is also a lender on the platform. He finds that the social impact, interest offered and purpose of the loan are all factors which he considers before lending on the marketplace. This gives him the opportunity to earn competitive returns as well as contribute towards the growth of SME’s just like his own.

To contribute to the growth of SME’s and to lend on the RainFin platform, click here to register.

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