“I was pleasantly surprised with my interest rate received”.

Dec 22, 2016 Blog  Marketplace Lending



Selous Safari Tours CC required a bridging loan in order to purchase camping equipment for tours. Although they attempted to obtain these funds elsewhere, they were unsuccessful as the application process was tedious.

Whilst listening to a RainFin radio marketing campaign the owners of Selous Safari Tours CC decided to apply through the RainFin credit marketplace for their business loan. They met the criteria required for a business loan application and accepted the offer due to the interest rate they received.

The loan assisted the business as they were able to obtain the camping equipment and see to the needs of their customers.

Not only is Selous Safari Tours CC a lender on the platform, but they would definitely borrow through a credit marketplace again, as well as refer RainFin to their friends, family and network.

Lending through the RainFin credit marketplace is comparative to receiving fixed income returns, and you will be contributing to businesses like Selous Safari Tours CC. To register on the platform, please click here to register.


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