Nov 13, 2015 Industry News

3 Ways Investors Can Navigate Africa’s Mobile Markets

The uptake in mobile usage in Africa is good news for investors and social media could be key to growth.

RainFin’s New Website Gets A Test Drive

We’ve got a new look and better usability, so now it’s even easier to lend money or get a loan!

Bill Gates Says Cellphones Can Cure Poverty

2 billion people without bank accounts will be making payments using mobile technology.

The Future in Fintech; a Paradigm Shift

SMEs are major drivers of economies, but they still often have trouble sourcing traditional funding.

Polish Bank Leads the Way in Biometric Identification

The first bank to do away with passwords altogether and rely on technology.

6 Business Lessons From a Starbucks Co-Founder

What could you learn from entrepreneurship advocate and serial entrepreneur Zev Siegl?

The Big Players in the Technology Industry Have Formed a Coalition

Paypal, Intuit, Apple, Google and more come together to form Financial Innovation Now.

How Your Small Business Can Play in the Big Leagues

Business advice from the California-based founder of SupportPay, Sheri Atwood.

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