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Pass “Go” In Monopoly Cape Town; Go To Robben Island

Finally! As part of Monopoly’s 80th anniversary they launch a Cape Town version of the game.

Why Angels Are Moving Online

Online platforms are changing the accredited angel investment model.

Why Transparency Creates A Clear Path To Success And How To Maintain It

Do you have business partners and employees? Here’s why trust is so important.

Techs Big Gender Diversity Push, One Year In

It may have been International Men’s Day this week, but there’s a different push for diversity in tech.

This App Lets You Micro-Donate To Charity Using Your Spare Time

Innovative thinking lets this app solve big business data challenges and donate money to charities.

Find Out How Much You Procrastinate and How To Win Back Your Time

Attention all entrepreneurs, SME owners and people who work for themselves! You could become more productive.

Orchard Marketplace Lending Index to be Included on Bloomberg Professional Service

The index measures the performance of consumer online lending and track the aggregate loans of various platforms.

Apple Pay’s Peer-to-Peer Feature Might Use iMessage

Rumours abound about Apple Pay’s new peer-to-peer feature!

People Tweeted Their Phone Number And Got Spammed With Cat Facts

A hacker teaches people on social media a valuable lesson about protecting their data online.

3 South African Authors Are Nominated For The Dublin Literary Prize

South African talent is showing its literary muscle around the world!

RainFin Industry Round Up 20Nov
RainFin Industry Round Up

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