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Africa’s 100 Most Influential List for 2015

New African has published its 100 Most Influential list for 2015. Find out who made the cut.

The Global Student Entrepreneur Awards

Calling all student entrepreneurs – The GSEA is still looking for students to represent SA in Bangkok.

Bitcoin Bank Nextbank Halts Public Crowdfunding Process

What’s going on in the world of Bitcoin? They’re drawing the crowdfunding venture for their bank to a close.

Entrepreneurs Share the Biggest Money Wasters for SMEs

Running your own business? Trying to take control of your finances? This could help you take the reins.

Take Home Pay Drops in October

Need another reason to be your own boss? Stats show that real disposable income has dropped.

This Entrepreneur Wants You to Stop Using Toilet Paper

Turns out that Americans use 50 pounds of toilet paper a year. This innovator thinks that wastage has to stop…

Raspberry Pi Unveils Pi Zero: a $5 Computer So Small That Six Fit in an Altoids Tin

The mega-low cost and tiny computer may be the world’s cheapest computer! Now that’s innovation.

South Africa Avoids Recession as Economy Grows 0.7% in Quarter

Thanks to the rebound of manufacturing we have narrowly avoided another recession.

Why is the US Killing its Fintech Industry?

Why isn’t the US playing to any of it’s strength? An interesting read about fintech politics.

Largest Loan Ever RealtyMogul Funds $49 Million Real Estate Loan

Records were broken as an online platform finances the largest ever loan. The financing was to fund an acquisition.

These Are The Traits That Define Productive Machines Join Their Ranks

Let’s face it – we all would like to be more productive. Here are some traits and habits you can pick up to maximise your output.


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