Nov 6, 2015 Industry News  Entrepreneur , FinTech , P2P , SME

Seven Things SMEs Should Not Be Afraid To Spend Money On

As an SME the inclination is always to avoid splashing the cash…but sometimes…it is necessary…these are the times

FinTech Saving The World One Entrepreneur At A Time

The World Economic Forum says FinTech is responsible for bridging $2 trillion SME funding gap

Are You An Entrepreneur – What Do You Need?

Find out how P2P lending can help your business to move to the next step.

Kenya’s Sub Saharan Silicon Valley Responsible For Tech Advance

The authors of The Next Africa: An Emerging Continent Becomes a Global Powerhouse talk about the shift in the IT ecosystem.

These Are The Five Things You Need To Know Before Embarking On Your Entrepreneurial Endeavour

We know that being a successful entrepreneur is not for the faint of heart…but is it for you?

These Are The Attributes A Top Entrepreneur Looks for – Prepare To Be Surprised

This Tanzanian CEO talks candidly in what he looks for when interviewing new candidates.

Are We Ready To Be Bold Innovators South Africa?

The bar is high but we are up to the challenge but the questions is – are we ready?

Amazon Competes With Apple Pay With New In-App Payment

The battle of the titans wages on.

Are You An SME? These Video Marketing Tips Are For You

Ways to engage your audience that you might not have considered.


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