Kenya shows the world how mobile payments work

Feb 23, 2017 Blog  Alternative Finance , Mobile payments



Whilst the world is learning and launching mobile payment applications, Kenya is celebrating their 10 year anniversary of M-Pesa.

A decade after its launch, M-Pesa has expanded to 10 countries, boasts 29.5 million active users and processes up to 614 million transactions per month. That is extremely impressive.

However, it is not only the milestones which are impressive, the way that the mobile payments service has helped the lives of the people in Africa is the reason for its 10 year anniversary. This is their bank, they have never had any other form of banking service before. This is an invention that will change everything, as the Western world catches up.

To read the full article on the success of M-Pesa and how it has changed the lives of the Kenyan population, click here.

Featured image: Kiara Rose via Flickr (CC 2.0, resized)

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