“Lower comparative interest rate”.

Feb 7, 2017 Blog  Lending Marketplace , Personal Loan


After hearing about RainFin via word of mouth at their work place, this individual decided to visit the RainFin website for a personal loan. They had attempted to previously obtain a personal loan via the traditional methods however they wanted to investigate a credit marketplace.

As they met the criteria, their online application process was successful and they were impressed with their competitive interest rate compared to the offers they had previously received.

Due to this, they will certainly borrow through a credit marketplace should they require to do so, as well as refer friends, family and their network.

Although not already a lender, they will certainly consider lending through the RainFin marketplace paying special attention to the interest offered, loan term and social impact of the borrower.

If you would like to contribute to towards the wellbeing of others whilst receiving a competitive return, register online here.


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