RainFin 1 of 10 start-ups to watch in 2015

Jan 23, 2015 RainFin In the news  News

Moneyweb published an article today where RainFin was listed as 1 of 10 start-ups to watch in 2015. It was said that RainFin is one of the companies set to disrupt industries in the coming year. RainFin was listed together with Uber in San Francisco, Telegram in Russia, Fusion Media in the USA, to mention a few. This is what they had to say:

Rainfin, South Africa

Peer-to-peer lending, like Bitcoin, is a rising trend that has been met with equal parts excitement and apprehension from the consuming public. Barclay’s, however, had very few misgivings when the company purchased a 49% stake in Rainfin last year. Rainfin is a South African personal loans marketplace that connects everyday borrowers and lenders who are interested in investing in each other. According to founder Sean Emery (pictured), only 5% of loans have defaulted over the past two years of operations, with the site receiving an average of 350 daily signups. Whether you’re for or against peer lending, it’s going to be an interesting space to watch in 2015.

Uber, San Francisco

Of course, Uber isn’t exactly new, but after a mammoth year of lawsuits, bizarre political alliances, a whopping 40 billion dollar valuation – and a myriad other controversies – the reigning ride-sharing service is undoubtedly going to be the most heavily scrutinised startup of 2015 as the public waits to see what uncharted territory CEO Travis Kalanick and his team will conquer next.

Telegram, Russia

Following the Sony hack and celebrity photo-leak scandals of 2014, cyber security and privacy are set to be huge preoccupation for both companies and citizens going forward. Enter Telegram, the Russian-based equivalent of Whatsapp, which is pretty much identical before you consider some impressive security features that include an advanced end-to-end encryption system and self-destructing messaging service. The founders have also put a $200.00 Bitcoin bounty for hackers who are able to crack their encryption protocol, which no one has been able to do so far. Not yet 18 months old, Telegram is already experiencing an astounding growing rate of a million users each week and 1 billion messages sent every day. This start-up could be a serious contender in the instant messaging world in 2015.

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