“RainFin was of utmost assistance”.

Jan 10, 2017 Blog  Business loan , Lending



When the active owner of processed meat company First Choice 2002 CC passed away unexpectedly, his wife was left to run the company with the second owner not being involved in the day to day running of the business.

Although there were insurances in place, the estate had to be finalised and due to this, the late owners’ wife had to continue paying cash for most things which were very rapidly depleting the cash reserves of the business. They required a loan for equipment and although they had attempted to obtain funds from an alternative financial institution, they were unsuccessful.

Whilst listening to the radio, a RainFin radio marketing campaign was heard and she decided to go online. As the business met all the business loan criteria they were able to apply and ultimately receive the funds they required. RainFin assisted the business’ funding needs as they were able to replace the compressors on the freezers with new units which in turned helped them generate an income instead of patching up units which were past their expiry date.

They will certainly apply through a credit marketplace again and recommend RainFin to their family, friends and network.

To assist a business like First Choice 2002 CC and assist in the growth of our economy whilst receiving a competitive return, register online here.


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