Should You Join the Crowd?

Mar 24, 2016 RainFin In the news

Crowdfunding has taken off across the globe. It offers a new way for people to invest money in people and projects that they believe in, and for people to raise the capital they need to complete a project.

While it’s well-known and regularly used in countries like the UK and the US – crowdfunding has yet to become commonplace in South Africa. RainFIn is the first and leading Lending Marketplace in South Africa; helping to facilitate loans between reliable borrowers looking for a loan and innovative lenders looking for great returns.

In this article from money expert Liz Still, looks at the ins-and-outs of crowdfunding and examines whether it’s worthwhile for you to get involved.

Should you join the crowd_w&h March 2016

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Source: Woman and Home – March 2016 Issue

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