Spending in South Africa: Christmas 2015

Jan 13, 2016 Blog  Entrepreneur , RainFin

Knowing how consumers behave at different times of the year can help you appeal to them more efficiently. That means knowing who to communicate with, where to communicate with them and how and where you can sell to them.

With the festive season over, some businesses will find that this is when business picks up. For others January is the quiet after the storm that is the Christmas period.

Accurate financial planning should help those who find January quieter than other times of the year. For people whose businesses flourish during the Christmas period and then quieten down; it’s important to ensure that you capitalise on the increased attention during your busy period, and have a cash flow strategy to protect your business in the new year.

Based on data gathered in 2014, we have compiled an infographic on the shopping behaviour of South Africans at Christmas.

Although consumers still favour physical stores, there is an increased use of online channels; particularly to research gifts, and less so to purchase. Given the trend towards giving cash as opposed to physical gifts, it might even be now, in post-Christmas sales or deals that you can capitalise best.

Take a look at the infographic below, and see what you can take from the information about spending in South Africa at Christmas. Does this align with your experiences this year? How can you transform this data into valuable insights for your business? And how can looking at these trends help you create your business strategy and cash flow forecast for 2016?


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