“The application process was easier than traditional routes.”

Dec 29, 2016 Blog  Application


Jeremy Wood, owner of MV Fiduciary Services Inc hadn’t applied for a business loan before, however he was requiring funds in order to purchase equipment and a building for his business.

He came across RainFin online, registered on the website and applied. As the business met all the loan criteria, they were able to obtain funding within one week. Due to this, Jeremy would definitely borrow through a credit marketplace again as they were able to move into their new premises with all the necessary infrastructure in place.

Should Jeremy lend on the platform, he felt that the loan purpose of the borrower, the loan term, interest offered and social impact would all contribute to his deciding factor to fund a particular loan.

As the RainFin business loan really assisted MV Fiduciary Services when they needed it most, he would most certainly recommend the service to friends, family and professional networks.

If you would like to receive competitive fixed returns as well as assist local businesses and our economy, register online here to begin lending.


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