Weekly Round Up of Lending Opportunities

Sep 1, 2017 Blog  Weekly Lending Opportunities


We have one new investment opportunity listed on the marketplace this week: JP Design and Engineering.  JP design and Engineering have expertise in general engineering, structural and decorative fabrication and cutting and drilling services. They specialise in Engineering Design, Manufacturing and Repair.

JP Design and Engineering have recently been awarded a contract from Gunnebo South Africa, a blue chip, multi-national security products and services supplier, to manufacture customised products according to their specification.  They require funds to purchase raw material required for the manufacturing process.  They are expecting a record-breaking year in 2017.

Borrowers with the same risk grading as JP Design and Engineering, who took out loans over the same term, are paying an average interest rate of 18% on the RainFin marketplace.  However, it is important to consider that this is the average rate of interest paid by the borrower, which is and aggregation of rates higher and lower than 18%.

You can find more information about the company by clicking on the loan card below and reviewing the company profile on the marketplace.


When considering one’s investment choices, risk usually plays a big role.  For lenders who are prepared to undertake some risk, the reward for lending on the RainFin marketplace might be very appealing.  Information on how RainFin manage these risks is available here.

Becoming a lender is uncomplicated and worth the effort.  Read here for more information on what to do and what it means for you.





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