Weekly Round Up of Listed Lending Opportunities

Aug 8, 2017 Blog  Weekly Lending Opportunities


We have two new investment opportunities listed on the marketplace this week: Robhur Management and Major Daughter. Robhur Management, trading as Khonology, actively contributes to youth employment creation by recruiting software developers from university, training them and placing them with clients as consultants.  Their model represents a unique solution to youth unemployment.  Khonology is looking for capital to grow their business and expand on project resources.  Major daughter operates within event planning and coordination, targeting corporate customers, and plans to utilise funds raised to diversify their revenue streams of the back of strong year-on-year revenue growth.

You can find out more information about these companies by clicking on the respective loan cards below and reviewing the company profiles on the marketplace.


In addition to the new investment opportunities above, it is worth noting that we have established the RainFin SME Fund.  The establishment of the RainFin SME Fund is a decision from our shareholders and management team to have a ‘skin in the game’ – which represents a transition from a ‘pure marketplace’ i.e. one that just connects lenders and borrowers, to a ‘hybrid marketplace’ i.e. one that lends alongside our lender community on loans listed in our marketplace.





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