What will the future of financial inclusion look like?

Mar 31, 2017 Blog  Financial Inclusion





CGAP brought together a room full of leading thinkers from financial service providers and start-ups, amongst others, and asked them “What will the future of financial inclusion look like?”

The objective was to generate possible future scenarios for financial inclusion taking numerous different driving forces into account such as digital technologies, migration and globalisation to name a few.

However there were a few insights into what the future may hold for financial inclusion:

  • Livelihoods are changing with urbanization
  • Cross-border migration is inevitable
  • Suitability will drive consumer adoption and usage
  • The digital divide is at risk of growing
  • Disruption will continue across the digital ecosystem
  • Data ownership and control could make or break solutions for poor people
  • The role of government remains critical


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Image: Ina Tillner via Flickr (CC 2.0, resized)

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